Double & Single Ear Clips


Series 74

dsearThe Double, 2 ear or ‘O’ clip is an inexpensive, easy assembly clip which has many applications in addition to its normal role of sealing hoses against loss of liquid, air or gases.Additionally we offer the 1 ear clip which though slightly more limited in scope, offers an excellent solution to certain clamping application. Both types are available in mild steel zinc plated and stainless steel as standard.

Materials: W1 Mild steel zinc plated, W4 Stainless Steel AISI 304.

Single Ear Clips data sheet

Double Ear Clips data sheet


  • All burrs/sharp edges removed to prevent damage to application
  • Security, i.e. tamper proof
  • Cost efficient
  • Speed & ease of assembly
  • Aesthetically pleasing/compact & lightweight
  • Sealing pressure consistency
  • Just as effective on metal to metal connections

They have a wide application in manufacturing industries including:

  • Welding equipment
  • Commercial Vehicle manufacturers
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Compressed air systems
  • Caravan manufacturers
  • Building & Plumbing
  • Plant spray equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Aircraft
  • Boat Builders
  • Gas & Chemical industries
  • Medical equipment

Fitting Details

Ear clip pincers are most efffective for fitting and removing clips

app          remove

Closure information: Correctly closing the clip is paramount to achieve optimum sealing performance

The same principle applies to the single ear clip.

Selection of the correct size of clip is essential, choose a size approximately 0.4mm above the hose assembly.


O_Clip_Pincers Kit Description Part No
End closing pincers (pictured) 50221
Side closing pincers 50217



ear4 Kit Description Part No Ave Qty
Mild steel double ear clips
7-9 to 15-18mm
10148 75
Mild steel double ear clips & end closing pincers
5-7 to 23-27mm
40400 137
Mild steel double ear clips & end closing pincers
7-9 to 22-25mm
55455 168

Please enquire for stainless steel versions and single ear with or without inserts. We would be happy to offer kits to your specification, please enquire

Please note, rights are reserved to alter specification without prior notification.